Privacy policy

We, Saiteki Co., Ltd., are committed to personal information protection, considering that our corporate responsibility is to recognize the importance of such protection and to properly utilize and protect such information.

1. Definition of Personal Information
Personal information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) means the information with respect to an individual and personal identifiable information such as name, date of birth, sex, phone number, e-mail address.
2. Collection and Utilization of Personal Information
We collect and utilize Personal Information only for and within the following purposes. Such collection and utilization are based on voluntary provision of our customers. In case the customers provide us with their Personal Information, the customers shall be deemed to have accepted that we utilize such Personal Information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
a) Business operations necessary for the delivery of our products which the customers order.
b) Provision of the information which would be beneficial and necessary for the customers, such as an introduction of our new product.
c) Inquiries to and confirmation with the customers, and collection of the customers’ opinions to improve our service.
d) Response to various inquiries from the customers.
3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
We do not disclose nor provide Personal Information to any third party without prior consent of the customers, unless we have reasonable grounds such as legal requirement.
4. Supervision of Outsourcing Contractors
We may provide our outsourcing contractors with part of Personal Information to perform our business operations such as provision of our product or service to the customers. In such case, we control such outsourcing contractors to make them properly handle Personal Information.
5. Control of Personal Information
In order to prevent the leak, loss or damage of Personal Information, we appoint a chief privacy officer, and make our best efforts to sufficiently secure and protect Personal Information, and appropriately control Personal Information to keep it accurate and updated.
6. Reference, Amendment or Deletion of Personal Information
In case the customer desires to make reference to, amend or delete his/her own Personal Information, we promptly respond to such request within reasonable scope, after confirming that such customer is a principal of such Personal Information.
7. Security
Our shopping basket is certified by digital ID of Verisign, Inc. Since all data inputs and transmissions using the shopping basket are secured by SSL encrypted communication between the customer’s web browser and a server, such inputs are safely transmitted.